How Long Does Whole Coffee Beans Last?

However, to keep up with the heavenly taste of your coffee, you must ensure that the ground coffee powder or whole coffee beans you bought recently are stored ideally. Otherwise, you'll end up with neither fresh nor tasty coffee. Another suggestion is to use whole coffee beans instead of powder, as whole ones last longer and stay fresh if stored carefully. But what's the exact answer to how long do whole coffee beans last? Let's find out!

The lasting time of whole coffee beans varies with different factors, like whether the packet has opened or the type of beans. So, to assist you in getting a better idea about both, let's discuss each one separately!

Vacuum Sealed Whole Coffee Beans - Unopened

The vacuum-sealed whole coffee beans (unopened) are stored in a one-way valve airtight plastic package or container to prevent coffee's aroma. Generally, a pack of vacuum-sealed whole coffee beans has a shelf-life of around six to nine months, and after this time, the coffee will start to lose its freshness and taste.

Although the sealed coffee beans start losing their flavor after two weeks of storing due to the loss of CO2 gas, the change is more noticeable after six months. However, completing shelf-life doesn't mean the coffee has gone bad. Instead, you can still use it for 6 to 9 months, but the taste and effect will not be the same!

Roasted Whole Coffee Beans - Opened

If you've opened the pack of your roasted coffee beans, it's suggested to use it within three weeks to six months or simply within the roast date mentioned on the pack. Otherwise, you'll have a coffee that isn't delicious and aromatic.

However, you can increase the lasting time of your opened roasted whole coffee beans by storing them in an airtight container. When no air enters and interacts with coffee, the coffee will not lose its original flavor and nutrition for a few more weeks or months!

Can Freezing Enhance the Lifespan of Whole Coffee Beans?

If you think 6 to 9 months of lifespan is way less for the expensive pack of whole beans you bought, freezing the beans is the solution! It may surprise you but freezing your coffee beans means adding up to two years to their lifespan. You must be very careful while storing coffee beans in the freezer because if even a little mold enters the package, the beans will deteriorate. For this purpose, go with air-sealed containers or packets and place the bean pack in the freezer.

Don't open the frozen pack daily, or the dampness and condensation will attack your coffee beans, resulting in a shorter lifespan. On average, an opened package of frozen coffee beans lasts for two years, while the unopened ones stay fresh for three years maximum!

Final Thoughts

Whole coffee beans are great if you are tired of the grounded beans that lose their aroma and flavor within a few weeks. Unopened packs of whole coffee beans typically stay fresh for six to nine months, while the opened ones have a shelf-life of six months or less. After this time, the coffee will not be as fresh as it was before. We hope this article provides a detailed answer to your question, "how long do whole coffee beans last?" Have a happy day with a strong shot of coffee!